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Abadede (or Z.Kusano) is one of the major bosses of the Streets of Rage series that appears in Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2.

Streets of RageEdit

He appears as a muscular professional wrestler with face painting and spandex underwear on. He will do a running clothesline as his primary attack.

He appears in:

  • Level 3 - Main Boss(es). If 2 players are playing, 2 will appear.
  • Level 5 - Sub-Bosses. If 2 players are playing, 2 will appear, but in separate occasions instead of together.
  • Level 8. The 3rd of the Boss Gauntlet. If 2 players are playing, 2 will appear. Note that you cannot use police special on this level.

Streets Of Rage 2Edit

He returns as a major boss in SOR2. This new version of Abadede is a much more substantial opponent than before; he was likely improved upon to give the wrestler character of Max a significant foe. He has a wide variety of moves than last time, including a body splash and his wide-array counterattack when players get too overly aggressive. He will attempt to suplex you if you miss a move.

He appears in:

  • Level 4 (Abadede) - Main Boss. You will fight him all alone in an arena in a thuggish area.
  • Level 8 (Z.Kusano). He is part of the Boss Gauntlet Part 2 as the 3rd set. You will fight him and many enemies in a cramped elevator, making this fight very difficult. Beating him rewards a chunk of health restored.


Special move: Super clothesline


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  • He does not appear in Streets of Rage 3.
  • His design bears many similarities to the real-life professional wrestler The Ultimate Warrior.


•Super powerful punch •Powerful enemy holding •Secret bone attack •Super blocking body