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Axel Stone is one of the main characters and heroes from Streets Of Rage Games. Being in every game thus far, he is considered the front man of the series. A former police detective in the first game, he later opened his own karate dojo in the outskirts of the city (although in the Japanese Bare Knuckle 3 storyline, he is actually transferred to the Special Investigation department). He slowly turns from an all-rounder to a bruiser in the end of the series. In the later games, his special attacks are a 360 degree flaming punch (Dragon Wing) and a punch/uppercut combo (Dragon Smash).


Streets of RageEdit

Power: A
Jumping: B
Speed: A

Streets of Rage 2


Streets of Rage 3

Power: 6/6
Technique: 5/6
Speed: 4/6
Jump: 2/6
Reach: 5/6

Trivia Edit

  • In the original SOR, he is aged 22. In the sequal, he is 23 years old.
  • Wielding the chi of lightnig his blitz attack is a? eletric uppercut named Grand Upper (which was renamed to Bare Knuckle for SoR3, maybe as an in-joke).
  • According the the profile given in the first game, Axel enjoys playing video games.
  • He is rivals with Shiva.
  • His clothes show fondness of the color blue.
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