Big Ben
Big Ben






Mr X


Bongo , Humphrey

Big Ben


A heavyset man that breathes fire on players.

In the original Streets of Rage, he is a main boss of Stage 4 and all his moveset entails is running through the screen breathing fire. A player must beware grapping Big Ben from the front.

In Streets of Rage 2, his arsenal of moves gets larger even adding a menacing laugh. He makes another appearance in the game on stage 4 (The baseball) stadium. He will also appear to assist the main boss in Stage 5 (The Ship)

In Streets of Rage 3, he appearance again on the second part of the first stage and throughout the game. Seems he has added a sort of "circus roll" attack to his arsenal in this game. He will get up dizzy and take a moments time to recover.( Player's best time to attack him)


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