Round Select

On the main menu hold Up+B on Controller 1 and enter Options. A round select option will appear at the bottom giving you a choice up to Round 6. This option also enables you to play from Round 6 on Easy difficulty (as the game ends normally if you get to the end of Round 5 on Easy). Nine lives per continue

Enter Options and highlight Number of Players.

Press Up + A + B + C on Controller 2 and Right on Controller 1. You may now select up to 9 lives per continue instead of just 5.

Play as same characters in 2 Player

On the menu sceen hold Down+C on Controller 2 and select Two Player. You should hear a sound to show the cheat has worked.

Play as Roo

Method 1: Defeat the clown guy in Round 2 without killing Roo. Roo will then be selectable.

Method 2: On the title screen hold Up+B on Controller 1 and press Start. He will now be selectable.

Method 3: Enter MAWA-ALT0 as a GG code to begin as Roo - cheers to Felipe Moniz for this.

Play as Shiva

Method 1: After defeating Shiva at the end of Round 1 hold B until the next Round starts. He will now be selectable when you reselect your character after losing a continue.

Method 2: Enter MAWA-AAJ0 as a GG code to begin as Shiva - cheers to Felipe Moniz for this.

Play as Ash

Method 1 (Bare Knuckle III only): After defeating Ash in Round 1 hold A until the next part of the level starts. He will now be selectable when you reselect your character after losing a continue.

Method 2: Enter this GG code: BAWA-AAA0. You will start as Ash.

Note: This only works with the US edition of Streets of Rage 3. Use upgraded blitz attacks without score stars

This cheat requires a six-button pad. Simply press X and then enter the directions given. In the moves below, F=Forward, B=Backward, U=Up and D=Down.


Dashing Bare Knuckle - X, F, F Dashing Dragon Smash - X, D, F Dashing Dragon Smash into Flaming Dragon Punch - X, B, D, F


Dashing Vertical Slash - X, F, F Somersault Kick - X, F, U Somersault Kick into Power Slide - X, D, F, U


Dashing Headbutt - X, F, F Roll Kick - X, F, D Rolling Flash Kick - X, U, F, B


Dashing Charge - X, F, F Double Dashing Charge - X, B, U Triple Dashing Charge - X, U, B, F

Secret routes through Round 5

After killing the ninjas in the first room of Round 5 you have a choice of routes through the stage. The normal route is through the door, but there are 3 secret exits which lead to stages with lots of points and extra lives (as well as solid enemies!)
  • Move to the cracked panel on the far wall. Keep pressing attack until you smash it and walk though it.
  • Stand on the section of floor with cracks on it and keep pressing attack until you destroy the floor and enter the basement.
  • Attack the cracked wall above the door for another exit.

Play as Super Axel

Note: The following methods give different versions of Super Axel. Using the cheat (Method 1) gives Axel a super special which knocks down everyone on screen. The PAR code version (Method 2) also gives Axel an upgraded combo in the style of the other "Super" characters (further below).

Method 1: Press C to select a player, then quickly hold A and sweep the D-pad in a clockwise circle until Axel appears. Then press A.

Note: This cheat is very hard to get working. Everyone I've asked about it seems to have a different method of doing it, but it does apparently work.

Method 2: Enter this PAR code into Gens: FFFF20:FFFF. Thanks to SolientGreen for this.

  • Alternate Super Axels (Thanks to Glisp for these)

Super Axel 2: FFFF1D:0001 (Pressing B makes Axel Attack with a devastating flurry of kicks.)

Super Axel 3: FFFF20:0001 (Pressing B makes Axel do a Flurry of Jabs.)

Super Axel 4: FFFF21:0001 (By far the most Powerful Super Axel. Pressing A unleashes a devastating attack composed of his Upgraded Blitz move and Dragon Smash animation. Axel Spins around in one spot 4 times with his upgraded spinning Uppercut, then he unleashes a Dragon Smash on the Fifth spin. Earthquakes happen while this goes on, knocking down all nearby enemies with this attack. Also, Axel doesn't lose health when he does this attack. However, sometimes his normal Dragon Smash will launch instead but it only happens every so often.)

Play as Super Skate

Method 1: Start the game and allow yourself to lose a life with zero score. When you respawn you will be Super Skate, with a new superfast powerful combo attack.

Method 2: FFFF1E:FFFF. Thanks to SolientGreen for this.

Play as Super Zan

Method 1: On the character select screen, hold the C button on both pads when selecting Zan and keep holding until the game starts. Thanks to Red Crimson for finding this.

Method 2: Enter this PAR code into Gens: FFFF1C:FFFF. This will give you Zan with an upgraded combo. Thanks to SolientGreen for this.

Miscellaneous Tips

Solution to Round 6

Destroy the robots and enter the elevator. Go down two floors. Take out the two ninja guys and enter the middle room. Defeat the punks, then attack the Switch. Once outside, KO the ninjas again and head to the elevator. Go up a floor, take out the guys with guns and enter the middle room. Destroy the switch as before. When you get back outside, run right to find the Chief of Police.

Extra points in Round 6

Destroy the two switches then hang around until the countdown ends. All the enemies will die, and the trap rooms will be full of goodies for you to pick up. There are enough apples around to sustain your health while doing this, but make sure you make it to the Chief in time!

Round 4 Subway Cars

In Round 4 Scene 2 (which is the subway section with the ninjas) move to a position in between the tracks section where the ninjas are and the hiding section at the top of the screen. When a subway car passes you the knock-down sound effect will get played repeatably. Thanks to Tan Jia Zin for this useless but fun bug. Also, in this position the ninjas will try and hit you (even though they can't). This means that they are more likely to get knocked down by the cars - thanks to Anton Berglin for making the bug not so useless after all. The cars go in a special pattern: up, down, up, down, down, up, up, down. The trains on the upper rail appear always from the left, and the trainon the lower rail appears always on the right. Thanks to R. B for this.

Unstoppable Shiva combo

Shiva is capable of hitting punks (excluding Goldie, Fabio and all bosses except for Jet) till they die by pressing Z without stopping. Thanks to Tan Jia Zin for this trick.

Round 3 Elevator

If you stand in the top right of the Round 3 elevator you can throw punks off but can't fall off yourself. Thanks to Anton Berglin for this.

Hidden Items

Round 1 Extra Life & Gold Bar At the start of Round 1 there is an extra life and gold bar hidden behind the scenery on the bottom left.

Round 3 Extra Life

At the start of Round 3 there's an extra life hidden behind the scenery on the left. Cheers to Wouter Van Poucke for this info.

Round 7 (B) Gold Bars

In Round 7 (B)s final boss scene the bottom of the press conference room has a number of Gold Bars to take hidden below the cameras.

Round 7 (B) Hidden Apple & Chicken

When fighting Shiva for the second time on the City Hall stage there is an apple behind the middlemost man's head (you can see the red edges of it), and a chicken behind the camera on the right. Credit for this one goes to Anton Berglin.

Round 7 (B) Extra Life

At the start of Round 7(B) there's an extra life hidden behind the first plant pot in the foreground. Thanks to gsaurus for this.