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In-game portrait

  Dallas Edge (known as Dallas J Edge in Japan version) is one of the main characters and heroes from Streets Of Rage 2 and Streets Of Rage 3. He is the younger brother of Adam Hunter.

Streets Of Rage 2 Edit

Dallas's first appearance was Streets Of Rage 2. He's playable since his older brother had been imprisoned by Mr. X. After Mr. X defeated, he and his friends free Adam and Skate is reunited with his sibling in the games ending sequence.

Streets Of Rage 3 Edit

Skate reappeared in Streets Of Rage 3. He joined Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding and Gilbert Zan.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the smallest playable character by far.
  • He resembles the playable character from the game DJ Boy, another side-scrolling beat 'em up. This arcade game, developed by Kaneko, was later published by Sega on the Mega Drive. In fact, Sega changed the in-game name of the character from "Sammy" in Bare Knuckle 2 (Japanese release) to "Eddie" in Streets of Rage 2 (U.S. release);
  • Since he wields the Chi of Fire, he is only character in BKIII/SoR3 that can throw Big Ben (Bongo in The Japanese version).
  • His clothes show fondness of yellow and black like his older brother, Adam Hunter.
  • He is the master of lifting and Tae Kwon Do 

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