Street thug , Syndicate


Mr x

A knife wielding thug by the name of Jack.

He has the ability to pull out infinite knives from his coat. Shortrange attacks have him able to jab and punch players. Midrange, he will attempt to stab the player. In longer ranges beware, he will throw knives at players. He laughs at players when he feels they are no threat to himself or when he feels the threat is defeated.


Jack and each of his palette-swaps have a bean-themed name. Jack himself (as in Jack and the Beanstalk), plus Soya (soybean) and Beano.

Jack is a knife-wielding psycho. Watch out for a close range slashing attack and a knife throw at long range. This guy has an infinite supply of knives too, so don't try and wait for him to run out.

About JackEdit

Jack was a very wicked man he is a thug as his allies, his boss Mr. x pays him working with Barbon and Bongo

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