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  • Streets of Rage 2

Max "Thunder" Hatchett is the main tritagonist in Streets Of Rage 2. An avid wrestler and fighter, Max is called on by his old friend Axel to aid in their mission to take down the newly revived crime syndicate. He can later be seen in a brief cameo during the good ending of Streets Of Rage 3, gazing over the city skyline with the others.

Though he is the slowest character, he has excellent stamina and the most damaging grappling moves. His special techniques include a spinning axe-handle blow (Thunder Bomb) and a dashing tackle (Thunder Tackle). His most famous attack is the Atomic Drop, which does the most damage (about 70% of a "default" lifebar) of any move in the series.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Max is exceptional with any long range weapons such as the pipe and sword. Often times he will hit opponent behind him as well.


  • "Thunder" is (and has been) a popular nickname for many amateur and professional wrestlers, including Japanese professional wrestler Jushin "Thunder" Liger, and part of Puerto Rican tag team wrestlers "Thunder" and "Lightning".
  • A "hatchet" is a special type of hand axe without a hammer head, and is used in sports as hatchet throwing. Max's proficiency with long range weapons probably inspired his last name.