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Mona & Lisa


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Judo master, master of martial arts

Mona and Lisa (Yasha and Onihime in Japan) are 2 of the major bosses in both Streets of Rage 1 and Streets of 3 games. Both their appearances are different in each game.appear In the original Streets of Rage,

They make their first appearance as major bosses together on stage 5. Their Japanese names are "Yasha" and "Onihime". They are very acrobatic, evasive, and clever at delivering their attacks. Beware of the girl who walks more slowly than the other, for she seeks to grab and slam you.

Streets of RageEdit

They are identified as palette swaps of Blaze, bearing the almost the same moves. Despite looking petite, they can deliver some of the most damaging attacks in the game; in the hardest difficulty, a single attack can dish out 80% of your health.

They appear in:

  • Stage 5 - Main Bosses. No matter how many players are playing, both Mona and Lisa will appear.
  • Stage 8. The 5th and final of the Boss Gauntlet. No matter how many players are playing, both Mona and Lisa will appear. Note that you cannot use police special on this level.

Streets Of Rage 3Edit

Their appearance ins a major overhaul. Instead of looking like Blaze, they appear as acrobats in skintight suits. They still bear many of Blaze's moves, with a few more extra moves like double-team tactics that can knock a huge chunk of health. Unlike their original appearance, they will successfully land and take no damage, if thrown.

They only appear in Stage 2, in a bar located at a dance club.

Mona & Lisa


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