Whip woman
Vital statistics
Title Queen
Gender female
Race human
Faction Syndicate
Health medium
Level hard
Status deceased
Location In Criminal city
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First appearance:Streets of rage 1

Special Move: Rest on the floor


With her sharp whip, Nora lays down the law! She works for questionable members-only clubs, where everyone calls her "Queen". Encountered fairly regularly, she can knock you down with her whip. Once you knock her down she won't get up until you move away or after quite a bit of time- it seems the heroes are too honourable to hit a woman on the floor, even if she is one of Mr X's army. Be prepared for a whip attack once she does get up! This gal is the forerunner of the Electra enemies from Streets of Rage 2 & 3.


  • Whip attacking
  • Rest on the floor
  • Jumpkick (SOR Remake)


  • Forerunner of all female enemy character in Streets of Rage
  • Nora's Resting on the floor action is used again by Electra in SOR 3
  • She possess a Jumpkick in SOR Remake