R. Bear


Mr. x


Flag of Russia

Fighting Style

Dirty Boxing

R.Bear (or Bear Jr.) is one of the main bosses in Streets of Rage 2. His arsenal is very dangerous to fight and very hard to counter. His size gives him decent reach. Despite his bulky size, his punches come out very fast, whether it's a quick jab combo or a knockout punch. He will grab you and headbutt if you get close. He will also do a jumping uppercut. If you get caught in a barrage of attacks, don't shy away from using specials.

He appears in:

  • Level 5 (R.Bear) - Main Boss. Appears at the 3rd part. The boss music will play around 2/3s of the way of that section, but you will fight a wide variety of enemies before getting to him in the same clock span. In mania mode, time can run out if you didn't lose a life and take too long.
  • Level 8 (Bear Jr.). Unlike most returning bosses, he is part of the Boss Gauntlet Part 1 as the final enemy to face. Like Level 5's encounter, the entire section is set to 1 clock span. He will jump in battle when you get too close to the wall. If you want a more successful fight, clear the area of robots before approaching too close to the wall.

R. Bear