The Syndicate

Fighting style

Claw maneuvers, acrobatics

First Appearance

Streets of Rage



Souther is the second boss of Streets of Rage. Two of them return as the boss(es) of stage 6, and then again as a palette swap in the final level. He also is the co-boss of stage 6 in Streets of Rage 2.

Streets of RageEdit

In the original Streets of Rage, Souther shows up as the game's second boss. He fights with clawed gloves à la Freddy Krueger (although with three blades on the back, more resembling Wolverine's claws), and has an invincible anti-air attack, making jumping assaults risky against him.

Streets of Rage 2Edit

Souther functions as the co-boss of stage 6, accompanied by Stealth. However, only Souther needs to be defeated in order to proceed.

In this game, he is a red palette swap of Zamza.


Like many other characters in the series, his name is likely a reference to a Fist of the North Star character, in this case, Souther.