Fighting style

tiger style kung fu




Mr. x


Tigers make their first apperance in Streets of Rage 3, seen from Stage 3 to Stage 6. Those kung fu guys are muscular, but oddly enough, they never attack with their fists despite of their strong arm appearance.

There are a few patterns of Tiger's attacks. When you are close to Tiger, he will knock you down with a batch of 5 kicks, the first four being regular kick, the fifth either a high kick or a low kick just like a ninja does. When you are in the range of his jump, Tiger will jump up high into the air. If you stay at your current position, Tiger shouts "a-cha" and gives a jump kick, which knocks you down. And when you are in the range of his lower kick, Tiger just uses an ankle kick to bring you down.

To make things worse, Tiger always appear in groups. And when they surround you and attack together, you will be in a big trouble. When you see this happens, use your defensive special to get rid of them!

Weapon of ChoiceEdit

  • Melee - His kicks are his weapon. He is never seen with any hand held weapons.



Tiger come from China 

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